Communicable Diseases  

Our Communicable Disease Training course follows the guidelines established by the state of Ohio.

    Outline for the 3-Hour Communicable Disease Curriculum for Child Care Providers


    1. Define communicable disease.

    2. Discuss mechanisms of disease transmission.

    3. Describe strategies to prevent the spread of communicable disease emphasizing the importance of   
       hand washing.

    4. Discuss proper diapering procedures.

    5. Describe proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures according to the child care regulations.

    6. Describe proper infant formula preparation.

    7. Identify signs of illness in children.

    8. Review the guidelines for exclusion.

    9. Describe how to care for the child that is ill.

    10. Discuss the five rights when giving medications to children in the center.

    11. Discuss the child care rules as they relate to health and communicable diseases.

    The full curriculum for the Communicable Disease Training course is available here. (PDF file - 54 pages)

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