Health & Safety   

    Our Health & Safety in Family Child Care Homes (JFS01750) course follows  the  guidelines established by the state
    of Ohio.

         From the Ohio Administrative Code:

"5101:2-14-13 Training requirements for certification as a professional type B home provider or in-home aide.

    (A) Prior to initial certification, each type B home provider and in-home aide shall be currently trained in first aid and infant and child
         cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Providers and in-home aides shall successfully complete and maintain current certification
         in both first aid and CPR. If a provider is caring for both infants and older children, training shall be appropriate for the ages of
         children in care.

    (B) Each type B home provider and in-home aide shall complete, not more than six months prior to initial certification, the JFS 01750
       “Health and Safety in Family Child Care” (rev. 7/2010) course.

         Training shall be at least six hours in length and follow the JFS 01750 curriculum."


     The "Health and Safety in Family Child Care Homes Participant Guide" will be available in class, and can also be downloaded here.

                           For more info, or  to register for a class, call 330.559.3789 / 330.559.3790
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